Technologies You Can Trust


At Virtual Artifacts, we create technologies that provide people with something they’ve never had before: the chance to fully enjoy their lives online. Taking these proprietary technologies, we build innovative tools that give users the confidence to freely communicate, build relationships and carry out activities online in the different parts of the lives.
Virtual Artifacts’ ecosystem of technologies includes:


This series of integrated applications, based on the Hibe Technology, allows you to use separate identities – known as personas – to carry out your various online activities. They enable you to fully control how you present your different facets, as well as who can see your various personas or related content.

An alternative approach to e-commerce, this technology gives you the peace of mind to shop online without exposing your personal information. By offering you the ability to interact with sellers and shippers using different identities, it ensures you only share your personal data with those who actually need it.

A technology that allows organizations to create environments dedicated to a single brand, company or topic – through which people can freely share using different identities. The related Social X Community CRM offers organizations the chance to leverage the Social X application as a customer relationship management tool to efficiently communicate with their audience of true fans.

A secure payment system that provides a safer way to move funds online by enabling you to choose the online identity you use to finalize payments or money transfers. This innovative technology makes it possible to complete transactions and transfer funds without jeopardizing your anonymity or billing information.


How does Virtual Artifacts enable people to fully enjoy their lives online? By giving them: 

  • The means to carry out their online activities with greater efficiency;
  • Complete control of their image in the different facets of their lives;
  • The ability to prioritize the content they receive; and
  • The chance to protect their privacy and personal information at all times. 


Virtual Artifacts’ patented technologies will power tools to enable users to carry out online activities across a range of areas, including:

  • Cloud services
  • Contact management
  • Dating
  • Education
  • Enterprise
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Instant messaging
  • Internet of Things
  • Shopping
  • Social networking